World famous Taiwanese bubble tea has been upgraded with some of Korean franchise experts.
T BUN has started its business and opened 9 shops in South Korea and 1 shop in Perth, Australia.
T BUN signed Master Franchise Contract for the Philippines and will open the 1st shop in Manila at the end of July
T BUN is planning to open 20-30 shops in Korea this year and more shops in Australia as well.
T BUN is also planning to expand its business to South East Asia, Canada and UK this year.
T BUN is receiving a lot of queries from potential master franchisees all over the world
including Malaysia, India, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and USA.

T Bun International is planning to expand its business 3 more countries in 2018 and 7 more countries in 2019. By 2020,
T BUN will be in more than 10 countries, and will be truly global brand.
T BUN is offering the highest possible quality of milk teas and bubble teas. There is no doubt
that T BUN is expanding the business overseas and our customers truly enjoy our products.
T BUN is currently offering
Note: Bakery menus can be localised for different countries.
Training & Support for Master Franchisee
Master Franchisee Profile
  1. You have a passion for launching and developing T BUN in your market.
  2. You have a desire to be part of a global network as one of the initial international franchisees.
  3. You have relevant experience and capabilities that will allow you to successfully launch and develop T BUN in your market.
  4. You have sufficient capital to adequately finance the business including the necessary banking relationships to obtain the financing required to develop the minimum number of outlets required throughout the development term
If you are interested in applying Master Franchisee or Area Franchisee for T BUN in your country, please contact on or with your business experiences and finacial resources available. Then we will reply your email within 24 hours